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Simulation Phantoms
Leg Ultrasound Training Model

This phantom is composed of a block replicating the shape of the upper thigh. The block incorporates a cavity, which can be filled with water to replicate the femoral vein/artery bifurcation observable the inguinal triangle. This block can be submerged in water and punctured with a needle to train for ultrasound-guided femoral vein/artery cannulation for catheter access. Needle marks heal for repeated use.

Material: Ultrasound-compatible rubber.

Storage: Store dry in a sealed glass/plastic container away from sunlight. Do not store above 25°C or below 0°C.

Dimensions: 150mm x 110mm x 60mm

Venous Access Made Easy

This book provides simple and practical instructions on how to perform safe and easy venous cannulation, and how to insert midlines and PICC lines using ultrasound. It aids understanding of the relevant anatomy, shows how to use the ultrasound machine, and how to insert such lines using ultrasound guidance. Readers will feel confident and well prepared to deal with patients requiring difficult venous access, giving them simple solutions that can be learned very quickly. These skills will also be globally beneficial for patients and healthcare institutions alike.

Published in 2019 in collaboration with University Hospital York

Point of Care Ultrasound Made Easy New

Point of care ultrasound is being rapidly adopted many medical and surgical specialists and is beginning to be intoduced in the undergraduate syllabus as well as post graduate clinical training. This book, Point of Care Ultrasound Made Easy, teaches healthcare professionals how to do simple, practical and clinically relevant ultrasound scanning at the point of care.

Clear and easy to follow diagrams illustrate scanning positions and the ultrasound images acquired at these positions includes concise learning objectives for each chapter reflects the increased use of hand held and lap top sized ultrasound scanners in hospitals. Includes assessment chapter where students can test thier skills.

Recently launched.

Remote and rural medicine
“pass me my stethescope… I mean my smartphone”

 Dr Nasir Hameed, UCLAN

Supporting the new generation of radiologists

SINAPSE – Scottish Ultrasound 2nd Annual Scientific Meeting
February 2020

Innovating to enhance Healthcare

Technology Innovations for Healthcare Conference
March 2020


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