Understanding Anatomy

“Pocket-sized ultrasound devices have revolutionised not only clinical POCUS, but also higher education settings when used for pedagogical purposes. The size of the Ballater Probe and its advanced scanning capabilities, coupled with the fact that this wireless ultrasound can connect virtually to any device using an open-access software, has allowed me as a teacher to use real-time ultrasound within lecture theatres, anatomy labs, seminar rooms, research settings, and even during public engagement activities. Ultrasound is an excellent teaching adjunct in anatomical sciences and definitely the future!”

December 2019 SINAPSE – Image of the Month

Courtesy of Dr Ourania Varsou and Miss Zainab M.R. Al Lawati, this ultrasound scan image shows the hyperechoic spinous process (SP) and laminae (L) of a lumbar vertebrae with an acoustic shadow below the bony structures. The echogenicity of the surrounding area represents soft tissue. The scans were acquired with a linear probe recently funded via the Spark Funder campaign “Pocket-Sized Ultrasound Machine”.

Dr. Ourania Varsou-Zmuda BSc, MBChB

University of Glasgow

In December 2019, Ballater Medical Ltd. sponsored the Anatomical Society Winter Meeting at Lancaster University. We consider ultrasound training to be of paramount importance to anatomical education and research and are committed to promoting, developing and advancing all aspects of this important science.

Anatomical Society Winter Meeting , Lancaster University, December 2019